We Have a Friend ...

,,, who quietly and patiently waits to guide us towards a fulfilling and trouble-free life.

We rarely pay attention because we’re off seeking happiness, a fruitless task since we’re not sure what that might be. It’s aways just beyond our reach.

Our friend is Nature, who offers us a living, enduring demonstration of what life is all about. The lessons are simple yet elusive, and they’ll be repeated until we eventually learn them.

Life is a compendium of evolving cycles. Consider the demonstration of an apple tree, it just ‘apples’.

Nature is a representation of our reality. Sensations are our response to external events. Emotions and desires are the result of our mind’s awareness. This needs to be managed.

If we conduct ourselves harmoniously with Nature’s progressive cycles, then our experiences are smooth and manageable. If we buck or overwrite the system, we’re in for a rough ride.

When they are under our management we profit and grow. When they manage us, we all lose.

It’s not rocket science, it’s available wisdom.

Help yourself, it’s free for the taking.

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