What is Wisdom?

It is the WAY!

The Oxford Dictionary defines it loosely as relating to being sensible, prudent, and aware, based largely on our experiences. This suggests, perhaps, that it is natural and preset, there for us to discover. When we look around us, and reflect on what we see, we find it in every aspect of the natural world.

A reasonable conclusion is that it is the foundational process linking the Creator / Source’s origin with the ultimate destination, which would be Perfection. Nature is continuing cycles and constant evolution reflecting this tendency towards perfection.

In this process, Love is the great attractive force and Light is our material awareness thereof. Life is at the center. Wisdom is harmonious alignment with this inevitable process.

About Our Book

A supportive and balanced guidebook to finding purpose and fulfilment in life. It’s centered on a professional coach’s personal experiences in applying wisdom-based approaches. Concepts, perspectives, analogies, models, self-inventories, illustrative anecdotes, and detailed examples provide foundational, practical strategies which facilitate individual growth and development.

The style is narrative, and it’s structured to encourage personal reflection and progressive individual / collective applications within a cohesive philosophy. It can serve as a dedicated self-improvement guide or, alternatively as a source of practical ideas for leaders and teachers who are entrusted with the development of other people.

The book comprises an introduction to the Opportunities offered by a wisdom-based approach, support with the development of a personal Action Plan, and a Resource Bank of detailed, practical assists.

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