Still wanting MORE . . .

We need to focus our attention on WHY we want more before we select any possible options. Our Purpose, driven by our needs, offers both focus and motive power. When we are in harmony with the natural process of evolution, we are in ‘flow’. Life is certainly easier.

A clear Purpose in life will also help us to remain properly oriented in life’s turbulent conditions, where cycles and evolutions impose continuous change.

Life is a journey, where we may not know the destination precisely and a marker on the horizon will serve to guide our current efforts. As the journey unfolds, and we deal with the myriad of distractions along the way, we need the security of a marker to keep us on track and motivated to make progress.

Keeping our eye on the marker, will allow freedom in the short term, permitting variations as we go. Acquiring different experiences also enriches us while it ensures fulfilment of our chosen purpose. It may make sense to adjust our marker occasionally as we progress, as our Purpose encourages us to continue, consistently and confidently – a quality experience.

There are DRIVERS in our life, focal points that define and determine what’s important to us – our “A” and “C” lists which together define our ”P” list. Awareness of these drivers offers us control over the journey we’re taking. Ignorance thereof will sap the power out of our existence, so it’s well worth taking positive, informed decisions. We could start right here!

Our expectations are also important for it’s these that will guide our experience. Modest expectations allow experience to accrue higher value while higher expectations demand more from each experience. We alone set the balance and pace!

Perspectives are key. The way we choose to view reality is entirely our choice for we create it in our mind – where else? Reality will offer OPPORTUNITIES, a continuing flow of potentials in the river of creation, which we can accept or ignore. They are there; the choice is entirely ours.

My experience is that I’m more likely to find opportunities if I’m aware of them, expecting them and accepting them than if I reject their existence. If they serve my chosen Purpose in life, then I’ll definitely embrace them. If they distract me from my intended life, I can usually get back in touch with my marker.

“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul” (Henley),. The journey is mine to take.

 I want MORE; the journey continues.


  • David E.C. Huggins

    David Huggins has fully enjoyed a lifetime of experience as a military officer and as a behavioural scientist, supporting businesses and similar enterprises, at both organizational and individual levels, through leadership coaching. A contemplative Christian, he is devoted to contributing love, value, comfort, and continuity to this diverse world. He resides in Campbellville, Ontario, with his lovely and talented artist wife, Judy.