The Invisible Resource . . .

What if you had access to a resource that would reduce your present anxieties by more than ninety percent?

How about eliminating most personal challenges, so that you don’t need to invest time and effort in their resolution?

Sound attractive?

Well, it’s yours, right now and it’s there for the taking. All you need to do is recognize and engage it!

It’s WISDOM, the natural way this world works. It’s reflected in nature and hidden in the folds of experience. It’s so obvious that most of us overlook it completely. And even though we claim to value and appreciate it, we rarely, if ever, seek it out deliberately.

Surely, it’s time to adjust our perspectives, to include and harness it. We can only gain from its unassailable benefits. What would we have to lose?

As parents, could there be advantages in reducing the anxieties our teen-age children must deal with?

As colleagues at work, might we stay ahead of the game by eliminating unwanted conflicts?

As life partners, is there room, possibly, for more empathy and harmony in our relationships?

It all begins with self-awareness, being able to recognize Wisdom as it presents itself, and to do it earlier rather than later. It IS there, ready to support the natural desires in our lives. Our opportunity is simply to take it and use it, and we do this through increasing self-awareness.

May I show you a pathway? May I offer support?


  • David E.C. Huggins

    David Huggins has fully enjoyed a lifetime of experience as a military officer and as a behavioural scientist, supporting businesses and similar enterprises, at both organizational and individual levels, through leadership coaching. A contemplative Christian, he is devoted to contributing love, value, comfort, and continuity to this diverse world. He resides in Campbellville, Ontario, with his lovely and talented artist wife, Judy. Huggins David