The Hardest Question

… is perhaps the most important one we ever need to answer in life. Failing to answer it though is certainly the greatest tragedy.

It’s WHY?

Why am I here? Why does this world need me?  Why could what I might do, make a difference?

These are all questions of self-awareness. If I don’t know what and who I am, I’m not capable of answering such questions, and the world will be a poorer place.

Without the answers, that we alone can find, we are unable to make our contributions. Our life has no purpose. Finding purpose means finding our self. This makes everything worthwhile.

We’re all here to contribute – to make a difference. It may appear to be very small to us, infinitesimally small in fact, but it is a contribution, and everyone counts.

Self-awareness is the first step towards fulfilling such a contribution. To realize this step, I need to be curious, then courageous, and then I can be collaborative. This way I can make a difference!

Do we take enough of the time allotted to us to consider and then answer these WHY questions? The WHYs are vitally important. We all need to be WISE!

If you’re curious and courageous enough to seek the way, read on.

Let’s share the journey that is life.


  • David E.C. Huggins

    David Huggins has fully enjoyed a lifetime of experience as a military officer and as a behavioural scientist, supporting businesses and similar enterprises, at both organizational and individual levels, through leadership coaching. A contemplative Christian, he is devoted to contributing love, value, comfort, and continuity to this diverse world. He resides in Campbellville, Ontario, with his lovely and talented artist wife, Judy.