The Burning Question . . .

. . . that deserves our very best response, at all times, is WHY?

In this material world, surrounded by so many choices, options, alternatives and variations, we are more tempted to ask What or Which? Then, with all the pressures and restrictions we accept, by default, the next questions will tend to revolve around Who, When, and How?

Any question, other than WHY, as a staring position, will invariably lead us astray. Rarely will we succeed, and we certainly will not add sustainable value to our life. We will not progress.

It isn’t ‘rocket science’ to understand that the right questions will result in more right answers, whereas even the best answers to the wrong questions, will offer us little. Our purpose in life, the reason we accept our very existence, needs to be clear, compelling and supported.

In a world that is constantly changing, we will always need to adjust. Our purpose is the beacon we identify on the horizon as we undertake this journey called Life. It is the corollary to the other vital question, Why am I, me? Why do I know this particular ‘reality?’

When we fail to strive for fulfilling answers to these essential questions, we deny ourselves the opportunity for happiness. That should be our birthright.

Surely, we are worth the time and effort to place ourselves on the right track, to identify our beacon, and to undertake the journey with confidence.

The first, and essential question is WHY?


  • David E.C. Huggins

    David Huggins has fully enjoyed a lifetime of experience as a military officer and as a behavioural scientist, supporting businesses and similar enterprises, at both organizational and individual levels, through leadership coaching. A contemplative Christian, he is devoted to contributing love, value, comfort, and continuity to this diverse world. He resides in Campbellville, Ontario, with his lovely and talented artist wife, Judy. Huggins David