Life is a River ....

The spring of which is spirit, and the mouth is experience – material experience, that is!
Spirit is the unfathomable energy that issues from creation’s source moving towards perfection – the ocean.
We have the option to join the stream and go with the flow, or we can resist it. We make this choice every time we exercise our free will.
We are water, tiny droplets perhaps, but without us life has no purpose, no expression and there is no river. However, we can be in the mainstream, or in a backwater, the choice is ours.
Together we form currents and eddies. We carry experience, as matter, along with us for the journey, but it is never a true part of us. It can be precipitated out at any time. Our ‘truth’ is pure water, and in this state, we can know reality.
As individuals we are limited in our contributions to the health of the river, for no single drop is more important, more essential, than any other.
Life’s purpose is greater than any one alone and we are vulnerable, yet together we are irresistible. Together, we are the substance of creation. We are its fulfillment. The power lies within us as individuals, but the energy lies between us, in our bonding.
Together, we are mighty, divided we fall. This is wisdom.
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  • David E.C. Huggins

    David Huggins has fully enjoyed a lifetime of experience as a military officer and as a behavioural scientist, supporting businesses and similar enterprises, at both organizational and individual levels, through leadership coaching. A contemplative Christian, he is devoted to contributing love, value, comfort, and continuity to this diverse world. He resides in Campbellville, Ontario, with his lovely and talented artist wife, Judy. Huggins David