David E.C. Huggins

Behavioral scientist, leadership coach, and author, David is the founder of the Polaris Leadership Academy and The Wisdom Perspective. A Contemplative Christian, he’s fully devoted to promoting Harmony and Wisdom to ensure the positive development and well-being of mankind.

Following a successful military career, David has invested more than forty years in helping others to become their very best self, with some remarkable successes along the way. By means of dedicated mentoring and coaching relationships, he has assisted thousands to find identity and purpose and thereby to lead fuller, more rewarding lives.

His many publications have enabled others to focus their impact as a force for good in this world.


His latest contribution is Nine Paths to Wisdom, now available in print and audio versions, traces crucial and supportive pathways towards personal growth and success. He is currently preparing a full documentation of the Polaris leadership process in his new two-part book, Wisdom Leadership, published in September 2022.

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